Lavender White Arctic Blue

Lavender White Arctic Blue

Author : Marianne Schlegelmilch
ISBN No. : 9781594337871



Book : Lavender White Arctic Blue

ISBN Number : 9781594337871
Book Name : Lavender White Arctic Blue

During the waning days of the gold rush, Emma Brownston fled a cheating husband, and traded an affluent lifestyle in Britain for a bold venture into the Alaska frontier. But life in the fading Klondike city of Skagway soon proved to be far from her last adventure, as struggles with health issues and complex ties to Britain hampered her attempts to remove herself from her former life. With Britain fully immersed in the social uprisings of the Great Unrest, World War I looming on the horizon, and women in Europe and America organizing for the right to vote, would her newfound resolve be enough to help her navigate these tenuous times, or would she, like so many drawn to the gold rush, struggle to maintain momentum in the wilds of pre-territorial Alaska? Lavender White Arctic Blue is the fictional story of one woman’s journey during the early days of the twentieth century. Beginning in Britain at Lavender Blue Estates in 1910, Emma Brownston’s story will take the reader across two continents to a new home named Arctic White in Alaska and to an ending even the author did not foresee.

Author : Marianne Schlegelmilch

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