Leaves of the Forest

Leaves of the Forest

Subtitle : Ties Stronger Than Blood, Make Your Path One With Mine Forever
Author : Frieda Grejalvo
ISBN No. : 9781888125856


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Book : Leaves of the Forest

ISBN Number : 9781888125856
Book Name : Leaves of the Forest (Ties Stronger Than Blood, Make Your Path One With Mine Forever)
Book Pages : 112
Book Size : 5.5X 8.5
Book Weight : 0.36

The period of change in the Midwest territories during the early to mid 1800s has been depicted in many ways, from many acutely different aspects. But there has been little attention paid to the plight of Indian families caught in the social upheaval of the times. These memories were passed from generation to generation, based of facts, as they knew them. Actual incidents, experienced by themselves, or persons known to them, during a trying and fearful time. Many historic recordings would have been drastically altered had there been the smallest change in circumstance. Determined to have a family, Man Alone created his ideal family and became possessive and protective of all its members. These ideals were shared and passed on to following generations. The family stubbornly fought to stay together, joined forever, no matter what. It was a matter of pride and resolution, beyond customs, language, origin, color, or any other difference, they would not be separated. To love, marry, birth, fight and even die to preserve the family, its bond and way of life.

Author : Frieda Grejalvo

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