How to Market Your Book to Libraries

How to Market Your Book to Libraries

Author : Bonnye Matthews
ISBN No. : 9781594337154


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Book : How to Market Your Book to Libraries

ISBN Number : 9781594337154
Book Name : How to Market Your Book to Libraries

What others say:

If you’ve ever wondered how to market your book(s) to libraries, Bonnye Matthews’ How to Market Your Books to Libraries and Readers in the Digital Age is a must read. It is an easy to follow, well-written, step-by-step process. I highly recommend it! Mary Ann Poll America’s Lady of Supernatural Thrillers, USA

This book has totally answered all of the questions I have ever had about how authors get their books into libraries. It is not just well written and informative, it is detailed and educational. Unlike so many other articles you read, this one is different as Bonnye gives you all the secrets – all the tricks of the trade – all the information you need. Irene Petteice Senior Author of Political Perspectives, USA

Bonnye Matthews, writer of prehistoric fiction, has put her hand to writing a book to help writers market their books to libraries. I have read this book and I can honestly recommend it. It may sound like a simple task, but once you try it, you’ll find many obstacles along the way. Bonnye indicates clearly, step by step how to go about it. The whole process from how to find the libraries’s email addresses right up to the final step of sending the letters, is described in detail. Her instructions are clear and easy to follow. All aspects of the process is covered. Anyone can have success. Bonnye, like all your other books, this is a winner! Magdel Roets Writer of Christian Fiction South Africa

Author : Bonnye Matthews

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