Martha and Eva

Martha and Eva

Subtitle : A Mother and Daughter's Journey as German Refugees During WWII
Author : Eva Baker
ISBN No. : 9781594336430


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Book : Martha and Eva

ISBN Number : 9781594336430
Book Name : Martha and Eva (A Mother and Daughter's Journey as German Refugees During WWII)
Book Pages : 128
Book Size : 6X9
Book Weight : 0.42

Martha and Eva is a heartfelt and vivid story, weaving together the memories and experiences of a mother and daughter. Their voices recall the treatment put upon them and document their life before and after WWII. You will hear of the wonderful life they had in Schlesien (now Poland) and the fear and deprivation that they experienced ? when they became German refugees. More than 3.1 million refugees were mass transported out of Schlesien and into Germany, and more than 400,000 lost their lives during this expulsion.

In 1990 Martha died leaving her memoir for her daughter Eva. It was written in the old German (pre-Hitler) script, translated into German, and then ultimately translated into English by her daughter. Eva, only 10 when WWII ended, added her memories to Martha’s. They recall their personal struggles and hardships as German refugees ? being ripped from their beloved country, Schlesien.

Author : Eva Baker

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