Me Caribou Is On Fire

Me Caribou Is On Fire

Subtitle : International Adventures of An Alaskan Hunting Guide
Author : Pete Buist
ISBN No. : 9781637470558



Book : Me Caribou Is On Fire

ISBN Number : 9781637470558
Book Name : Me Caribou Is On Fire (International Adventures of An Alaskan Hunting Guide)
Book Pages : 256

Me Caribou Is On Fire is a great read! One can almost taste the camp grub he describes, whether prepared for or by him, smell the scents of the hunting camps and cabins and feel the bitter cold of the 1992 fall hunt or the Delta sheep hunt snowstorm. The descriptions of his many hunting experiences make the reader feel like they were there with him in the wild or on a flight to the next adventure. I can’t wait for the sequel! Mike Fleagle, Former Chairman – Alaska Board of Game Pete Buist is undoubtedly the epitome of the outdoorsman in the truest meaning of the term. Trapper, hunter, master guide, firefighter are just some of his accomplishments; in a nutshell, a lifetime of adventure and excitement lived in the manner that makes me envious and at the same time filled with admiration. While guiding Pete in South Africa, it did cross my mind that I would have relished doing a hunt with our roles reversed and basking in the experience of a life well-lived. Pete “Tumkulu” Buist has applied his knowledge, experience, and eloquence to add the title of Author to his other accomplishments and has produced a well-written, enjoyable read capable of transporting the reader to those wild places. John “Madala” Barnes Professional Hunter – South Africa The real “trophies” of a life spent outdoors are the stories. Indeed, storytelling is a foundational skill of the seasoned hunter, and Pete’s  “seasoning” reaches into a stratosphere most of us will never see. I became friends with Pete in 2008, and after only a couple of days of immersing myself in his storytelling prowess, I said, “Pete, you really need to write a book.” And here it is. Pete’s recall, precise detail, wit, and humor are extraordinary as he takes you along on countless adventures. These entertaining stories are definitely worth the price of admission. Curt Wells Editor – Bowhunter Magazine”

Author : Pete Buist

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