Miracle in the Glass

Miracle in the Glass

Subtitle : To Save a Life is to Save the World
Author : Ruthann Crosby
ISBN No. : 9781888125269


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Book : Miracle in the Glass

ISBN Number : 9781888125269
Book Name : Miracle in the Glass (To Save a Life is to Save the World)
Book Pages : 48
Book Size : 8.5 x 11
Book Weight : 0.4

Miracle in the Glass is the captivating story of a mother and her daughter and their devotion to each other. It captures the heart and soul of the Holocaust; those who did not survive and those who dared to live on. It shows that life is not to be taken for granted. Miracle in the Glass also shows that children are our hope for the future. To save a child is to save the world. Mrs. Crosby, in her fictional story of a mother’s sacrifice for her young daughter, brings to light a unique message hidden in the modern world’s most horrific crime against humanity. Often stories of the holocaust are fraught with unspeakable despair and human tragedy. However, Mrs. Crosby, through her tender story, illuminates the effect of the holocaust that forever vanquished the Nazi’s hope of destroying the Jewish nation. The holocaust begot a generation of Jews with a stronger and deeper faith in G-d than ever before.

Author : Ruthann Crosby

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