My Adventurous Friend

My Adventurous Friend

Subtitle : A Lifetime of Choices and Outdoor Alaska Adventures
Author : Douglas Anderson
ISBN No. : 9781594335785


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Book : My Adventurous Friend

ISBN Number : 9781594335785
Book Name : My Adventurous Friend (A Lifetime of Choices and Outdoor Alaska Adventures)
Book Pages : 192
Book Size : 5.5x8.5
Book Weight : 0.72

My Adventurous Friend is based on accounts of my friend Hagen’s life, as he related it to me, and of the adventures we enjoyed together in Alaska. We would reminisce while sitting around a campfire in some wilderness area during our hikes and gold prospecting ventures. We could be debating current events and somehow our talk would drift back to events of earlier times. Over the years, piece by piece, I learned almost everything there was to know about my friend. Hagen had a varied and adventurous life beginning in wartime Germany and, by a circuitous route, eventually migrated to Alaska in 1973. Hagen had a longing for adventure and was never satisfied with the status-quo. He was strong, tenacious and once his mind was made up he would seldom deviate. In his mind, if it wasn’t difficult then it wasn’t worth doing. He always said he was born one hundred years too late to be a real pioneer but he sure did his best to emulate them. Hiking to our gold claim?forty miles from the nearest gravel road?and making it there alone in the dead of the Alaska winter was almost enough to satisfy his craving for adventure.

Author : Douglas Anderson

Douglas Anderson was born in Derbyshire, England. After his father passed away Douglas went to live on his Grandfather's farm. Never very interested in animal husbandry, Douglas leaned more toward the mechanical aspects of farming, maintaining machinery and the like. After an apprenticeship in the mechanical field, Douglas joined Rolls-Royce and began an interesting and diverse career. In ensuing years that career involved: aircraft jet engines, rocket engines and industrial gas turbines. Douglas immigrated to Canada in 1967, to Alaska, USA in 1977 and back to Canada in 2001. His years spent in Alaska, flying, hiking and prospecting and enjoying other outdoor adventures with his friend Hagen Gauss prompted him to start writing.

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