No More Diapers For Girls

No More Diapers For Girls

Subtitle : A book for girls! Designed to help them to know how and why to use the ?potty? (toilet).
Author : Esther Smith
ISBN No. : 9781594332883


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Book : No More Diapers For Girls

ISBN Number : 9781594332883
Book Name : No More Diapers For Girls (A book for girls! Designed to help them to know how and why to use the ?potty? (toilet).)
Book Pages : 30
Book Size : 6X6
Book Weight : 0.275

While being designed specifically for girls on the Autism Spectrum, and girls with other Developmental Delays – this book can certainly also be used for all girls who are learning to go ?potty? on the toilet.

It was inspired by the author’s oldest two daughters who both have Autism. The author needed help and was unable to find it in the books that were available to her. She knew her children and many others needed visuals and step by step instructions – so, thus was born No More Diaper.

?I know you’ll enjoy this book with your daughter, as much as I have with my daughters? says author Esther Smith. The author says that – while using this book was no overnight success – it did work in less than a week, helped immensely, and was the only thing that worked.

This is the second edition of this book. The other was a board-book and was able to help so many children, but this one is more cost effective, especially during these challenging economic times.

Author : Esther Smith

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