No More Picky Eaters

No More Picky Eaters

Subtitle : Designed to teach kids what foods are healthy, and which foods can help your body grow stronger
Author : Esther Smith
ISBN No. : 9781594336225



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Book : No More Picky Eaters

ISBN Number : 9781594336225
Book Name : No More Picky Eaters (Designed to teach kids what foods are healthy, and which foods can help your body grow stronger)
Book Pages : 54
Book Size : 6X6
Book Weight : 0.25

The purpose of this book is to help get kids to not only e at a wider variety of foods… but to understand why they need to, and how it will help them feel better and function in a healthier manner.

Certainly most parents have heard their child scream that the food is ?yucky,? they want candy, ?get this off my plate,? or even suggest that they might die if you make them eat it. No More Picky Eater will help your child to see some of the foods that are healthy for our bodies, and become familiar with them and what they look like, even at a young age. It will cover which parts of the body that some foods specifically target, and assist in their healthy function; as well as what could happen to them if they ate only their ?favorite food,? even if it is a healthy choice.

No More Pick Eater goes into some of the simple or beginning steps of Food Therapy. While Esther is not a food therapist she has been through Food Therapy and other specialized parent trainings, and has observed many of her children while they were working with food therapists. ?These things were taught to me in Oregon by specialists,? says Smith. ?And as ?crazy’ as some of them seemed to me… I followed their advice and it helped. It wasn’t overnight, but through persistence, and trying their suggestions over and over (daily)… it finally worked and they began eating and getting over their food sensitivities, phobias and issues.?

Author : Esther Smith

Esther Smith is also the author/illustrator of many other books including: No More Diaper for Boys, No More Diaper for Girls, No More Nightmares, The Alaska Sun Turns Silly in the Summer Time, Nenana: a Speck on a Map, and more.

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