Opening Hearts

Opening Hearts

Subtitle : YouTube Star, Cuppycake Sam, Encourages Hope and Not to Judge Others
Author : Sam & Emily Allred
ISBN No. : 9781594331190


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Book : Opening Hearts

ISBN Number : 9781594331190
Book Name : Opening Hearts (YouTube Star, Cuppycake Sam, Encourages Hope and Not to Judge Others)

Cuppycake Sam shares his six-plus years experience of having a chronic illness. Sam’s purpose for writing Opening Hearts is to provide hope and encouragement for kids who are chronically ill, and to open hearts of people throughout the world. To build an understanding that we should not judge others, for we do not know the trials and challenges that all individuals must face.

Author : Sam & Emily Allred

Cuppycake Sam Allred lives in Alaska with his parents and siblings. Sam enjoys reading, video and board games, Lego robotics, and cooking. He is working to help support children with chronic illnesses or disabilities. Sam's non-profit; Kindness for Kids mission statement shares his vision: Changing lives through compassion." Team up with Sam at or

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