Our Kotel?ntkov Journey: From Okhotsk, to Fort Ross, To Ouzinkie

Our Kotel?ntkov Journey: From Okhotsk, to Fort Ross, To Ouzinkie

Subtitle : An Alaskan Family's Story
Author : Bonnie Vlasoff
ISBN No. : 9781594330551


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Book : Our Kotel?ntkov Journey: From Okhotsk, to Fort Ross, To Ouzinkie

ISBN Number : 9781594330551
Book Name : Our Kotel?ntkov Journey: From Okhotsk, to Fort Ross, To Ouzinkie (An Alaskan Family's Story)
Book Pages : 128
Book Size : 5 X 8.5
Book Weight : 0.42

Our Kotel’ntkov Journey revolves around the family of Grandpa Paul Katelnikoff. His father’s side came from Okhotsk , Russia. His mother Ekatarina’s side is from Irkutsk, the Sorokovikovs. Both sides came from Russia as employees of the Russian American Company on one of the Shelikov’s ships. Great, Great, Great Grandpa Larion Kotel’nikov arrived in Kodiak around 1784. He married a local girl. They had an unknown number of daughters, who all died, and one living son, Filipp. Filipp went to Fort Ross, California, also as an employee of the Russian American Company. There he married a Kashaya, Pomo Indian women named Varvara Amachamen. They had five children. Great, Great, Great Grandpa Ivan Sorokovikov was born about 1766. In December of 1818 Ivan was ordered to work at the Novo Alexsandrovski Post for the Russian American Company. Ivan and his wife, Maria Antropovna, a Creole, had eight children. Our Kotel’ntkov Journey will show you how the family has blossomed into a wonderful Alaska family.

Author : Bonnie Vlasoff

Bonnie Panamarioff, an Aleut woman was born in 1945 in Ouzinkie, Alaska in her grandmother's log house. She was given the name Olga when she was baptized in the Nativity of Our Lord Orthodox Church by Father Gerasim. In 1957 Bonnie and her family moved to Anchorage because there was no work in Ouzinkie. This was one of the most difficult things to do, but she respected her mother's decision and supported her all the way. Anchorage was very frightening compared to the little village of less than 200 people. But they adjusted very well. Every summer Bonnie goes to Ouzinkie and enjoys her little cabin in the woods and puts up subsistence foods. Bonnie says, ?no matter how long you're gone from your village, it will always be home.? Bonnie's roots are embedded way down in the soil and knows she walks on the paths where her ancestor's walked. She says, ?They're always close by and watching over us.?

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