Quest for a Moose

Quest for a Moose

Subtitle : An Alaska Tale of Searching for an Animal that Doesn't Exist; Until it is Found
Author : Rose Ruley
ISBN No. : 9781594330193


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Book : Quest for a Moose

ISBN Number : 9781594330193
Book Name : Quest for a Moose (An Alaska Tale of Searching for an Animal that Doesn't Exist; Until it is Found)
Book Pages : 64
Book Size : 7 X 8
Book Weight : 0.34

Quest for A Moose is an unique Alaska legend of two friends: Pike the Pegamoose and May the Mooseacorn, and their search for a Moose, an animal that neither of them, or any of their friends, have ever seen before — an animal that doesn’t exist — until it is found. It’s a tale of friendship, believing in one’s own dreams, and not giving up — even when everyone else thinks your chasing a fable.

Author : Rose Ruley

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