Race For Hope

Race For Hope

Subtitle : An Iditarod Musher In Russia
Author : Jim Lanier
ISBN No. : 9781637470794



Book : Race For Hope

ISBN Number : 9781637470794
Book Name : Race For Hope (An Iditarod Musher In Russia )
Book Pages : 106

Lost in a ground blizzard, hearing the footfall of a polar bear and detained in a Soviet Gulag-style prison, Jim Lanier has not even reached the starting line of his 1995 Hope sled dog race in Russia. In this book, Jim tells his story of that race. As in his first book, Beyond Ophir, it is entertaining, exciting, occasionally informative, and mostly the truth. From Nome to the frozen, storm-swept trails of Chukotka and back again, it is an entry into an alien country, culture, and mushing subculture, something that both the reader and Jim will not soon forget.

Author : Jim Lanier

Born 1940 in Washington, D.C. and raised in Fargo, North Dakota, Jim Lanier has been an Alaskan since 1967. He was first brought north by the U.S. Public Health Service and for two years was a general medical doctor at Anchorage's Alaska Native Medical Center. After four years of specialty training at the Mayo Clinic, Jim practiced pathology for 33 years at Providence Hospital in Anchorage. His avocations have included singing classical music, commercial fishing, hunting, cheering Minnesota Twins baseball, and raising kids. He is the author of Beyond Ophir, a book about his first Iditarod sled dog race in 1979, and now Race for Hope. He has competed in numerous other races and 20 more Iditarods, making him the only musher to have participated in all six calendar decades the Iditarod has been run. Jim resides in Chugiak, Alaska, with his wife Anna, their son Jimmy, and twenty-five dogs.

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