Remembering Maya

Remembering Maya

Subtitle : Extraordinary Love Story Of An Ordinary Man
Author : Jitendra Rathod
ISBN No. : 9781594331251


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Book : Remembering Maya

ISBN Number : 9781594331251
Book Name : Remembering Maya (Extraordinary Love Story Of An Ordinary Man)
Book Pages : 44
Book Size : 5 X 8
Book Weight : 0.12

Jayesh Satvahana, a lawyer, is a loser and a winner–rolled into one. A successful and progressing career makes him a winner, but as far as relationships go–he’s a loser. A chance meeting with the beautiful Maya Choudhary shakes Jay and he questions the very foundations of his life. Maya comes for help to save her non profit organization from greedy commercialists. Before Jay realizes, he is madly in love with Maya. He fights her case with audacity and determination. He struggles to win the case and wants to win Maya–and spend the rest of his life in peace and happiness. But fate is not without a cruel sense of irony.

Author : Jitendra Rathod

Jitendra, a lecturer, completed his master's in microbiology, worked for ten months in a research institute as a research student, and later joined Vidya Pratishthan's Arts, Science and Commerce College in Baramati, Dist.Pune Maharahtra,India. He teaches microbiology, medical biology, immunology and genetics to under-grads and post-grads. He qualified the National Eligibility Test for Lecturership and makes a career as a teacher, a vocation he is good at (Or so his friends and students tell him!). Jitendra was always good with words. He feels more comfortable penning his thoughts than saying them aloud. He became a freelance creative writer in late 2008 and has been writing content for websites, articles, and fiction. He lives in Baramati with his wife, Manjiri and three year old son, Arnav.

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