Rivers: Through the Eyes of a Blind Dog

Rivers: Through the Eyes of a Blind Dog

Subtitle : Through the Eyes of a Blind Sled Dog
Author : Mike Dillingham
ISBN No. : 9781594330049


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Book : Rivers: Through the Eyes of a Blind Dog

ISBN Number : 9781594330049
Book Name : Rivers: Through the Eyes of a Blind Dog (Through the Eyes of a Blind Sled Dog)
Book Pages : 128
Book Size : 5.5x8.5
Book Weight : 0.42

The adventures continue for Rivers, the blind Alaska racing sled dog, his buddies, and their human companion Mike. Racing across the trails of Alaska, the team finds a lost child in a blizzard and helps a foster child find his forever home, while searching for their destiny on the snowy trails. A tale from the trail of friendship, loyalty, and devotion. The magic continues as the story may touch your own life’s experiences. Rivers, Through the Eyes of a Bind Dog, has something for everyone, child, adult, and of course, dog lover. From Alaska, where else?

Author : Mike Dillingham

Mike Dillingham was born in a blinding snowstorm in New York City. Mike's mom went into labor while Mike's dad, a New York City police officer, was on duty. The fire that night, in the first floor restaurant of the 6-story building where they lived, only added ambiance to the event of Mike's birth, and served as an omen of Mike's adventures to come. So how did a New York City kid, born in a blizzard, end up in Alaska? The dogs, the beauty, tranquility and privacy of Alaska were a natural magnet for Mike after he retiring from a 23 year career in the Air Force that took him to many places in the world. Mike's current job allowed him to travel all over Alaska. He wrote portions of this book, as well as his other books, in Juneau, Ketchikan, Bethel, Naknek, Fairbanks, Palmer, Wasilla, King Salmon, Nome and Anchorage. When asked why he wrote these books, Mike replied, For Rivers, who continues to inspire me. For the dogs, who are my companions and gave me their unconditional love. And especially for the kids, who hold the future in their hands.""

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