Robinson Family Governess
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Robinson Family Governess

Author : Judith Burtner
ISBN No. : 9781594338274



Book : Robinson Family Governess

ISBN Number : 9781594338274
Book Name : Robinson Family Governess

In 1911, 22 year old Hettie Belle Matthew takes a daring leap into the unknown as she sails away from her cosmopolitan life in the bustling Bay Area for the remote Hawaiian Islands to work as a Governess for the prominent and wealthy Robinson Family. Letters discovered by her granddaughter over a century later are painstakingly woven together to bring this true story to life with rare insight and authenticity. “Hettie Belle’s descriptive letters from over one hundred years ago make me feel as if I know my grandparents well. Her experiences bring the family to life, and I am not able to put the book down!” — LOIS ROBINSON SOMERS, Descendant “Hettie Belle’s charming letters open a fascinating window into the world of Kaua`i and Ni`ihau over 100 years ago. Through her eyes we are introduced to the lives of the plantation elite who ran Kaua`i society and to the magnificent landscapes that surrounded them. Hettie writes with aloha for both land and people, and Judith Burtner provides the necessary context so that we can get the most out of Hetties letters.”–ANDY BUSHNELL, Emeritus Professor of History, Kaua`i Community College.

Author : Judith Burtner

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