Say It Again 1,500 Times

Say It Again 1,500 Times

Subtitle : Favorite Thoughts and Words of Wisdom
Author : Margaret Swensen
ISBN No. : 9781594331831


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Book : Say It Again 1,500 Times

ISBN Number : 9781594331831
Book Name : Say It Again 1,500 Times (Favorite Thoughts and Words of Wisdom)
Book Pages : 132
Book Size : 5.5x8.5
Book Weight : 0.38

Margaret Swensen loved to be outdoors, but she was not a hiker or an angler; she was first a mother and a quilter, but at 55 years old she did all the research, even hiked many of the trails, and wrote the Hiker’s Guide to Alaska; and did all the research and wrote most of the Angler’s Guide to Alaska. She compiled and published the poems of her grandfather, Willis Eugene Robison, in the book As Life Passes. Margaret loved words and she loved writing. Say It Again, 1,500 Times is the compilation of the expressions that governed her life. It’s the stuff she used to train her children, teach classes, and incorporated in life’s tales she enjoyed tellin–and others enjoyed hearing. Say It Again, 1,500 Times is truly Margaret’s favorite thought and words of wisdom.

Author : Margaret Swensen

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