The Bears of Manley

The Bears of Manley

Subtitle : Adventures of an Alaskan Trophy Hunter in Search of the Ultimate Symbol
Author : Sarkis Atamian
ISBN No. : 9781888125986


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Book : The Bears of Manley

ISBN Number : 9781888125986
Book Name : The Bears of Manley (Adventures of an Alaskan Trophy Hunter in Search of the Ultimate Symbol)
Book Pages : 448
Book Size : 6 x 9
Book Weight : 1.58

The Bears of Manley, a 448 page, perfect bound book by Alaskan, Sarkis Atamian, is exciting entertainment for hunters. This is not a typical Joe Hunter went afield, stalked his quarry, shot his trophy, hunting book. The Bears of Manley includes stories of an Alaskan trophy hunter and his quest for the ultimate trophy and his hunts which did not go as planned. The book also gives enlightening and absorbing answers to animal activists, and a stirring response to antihunters. Sarkis Atamian’s numerous academic research papers and articles, concerning the philosophy and psychology of hunting, has contributed to Mr. Atamian being a recognized authority in the field.

Author : Sarkis Atamian

Sarkis Atamian, the son of immigrant parents, who miraculously escaped the genocide of the Armenians by the Turks after World War I, was born in Providence, Rhode Island. Upon graduation from high school, he served in the United States Army in four campaigns during World War II: Italy, France, Germany, and North Africa. Following the war, Sarkis received his cum laude education at the University of Rhode Island, Brown University, and the University of Utah.

After a brief stint with Civil Service, he moved to Alaska and joined the faculty at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. There he served for two terms as head of the Department of Sociology and Psychology. He had membership in many professional societies, including the Egypt Exploration Society, and guided student tours to the Land of the Pharaohs. He kept active membership as a Fellow of the Explorers Club.

Sarkis passed away in December 2005. He was happily married to Alison C. Betts, a former student, who, he says, was really an angel in mortal disguise. Alison, who was heavily involved with Sarkis in writing and developing his books, attends book signings and other promotional activities.

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