The Music of What Happens

The Music of What Happens

Subtitle : A Tale of Heartbreak, Resilience, and a Young Girl's Search For Love
Author : Shiloh Willis
ISBN No. : 9781637471029



Book : The Music of What Happens

ISBN Number : 9781637471029
Book Name : The Music of What Happens (A Tale of Heartbreak, Resilience, and a Young Girl's Search For Love)
Book Pages : 252

Thirteen-year-old Celina Zagoradniy-Montoya dreams of a different life; a life where her beloved father is alive again, where there’s enough food and medicine for her sick brother, and where Mama doesn’t have to work so hard. But when an answer to her impoverished family’s prayers arrives in a form Celina did not anticipate and doesn’t want, the conflicted young girl soon finds herself on a journey of self-discovery, a journey that leads her down a path wrought with fear, pain, and mistrust. Then, just as she is beginning to accept her new life, a stranger from the past appears and reveals the shocking secret Celina’s mother has kept for years, a secret that will test Celina’s faith and force her to question all she holds dear and leave her changed forever.

Author : Shiloh Willis

Author Tag Line : Alaskan Author of Grit, Love, Triumph, and Determination

Author Shiloh Willis grew up in the Bristol Bay area of Bush, Alaska. Her formative years, spent in a remote village, give her a unique perspective on life, evident in her writing. The Music of What Happens is Shiloh's third novel and the long-awaited sequel to Promise Me Eternity. Her passion is writing, but she enjoys ceramic painting, singing, and movies.

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