The Paralyzing Truth

The Paralyzing Truth

Subtitle : Finding Strength and Hope in the Midst of Tragedy and Grief
Author : Judith Sherwood
ISBN No. : 9781637470121


Book : The Paralyzing Truth

ISBN Number : 9781637470121
Book Name : The Paralyzing Truth (Finding Strength and Hope in the Midst of Tragedy and Grief)
Book Pages : 128

Although our hearts ached, our negative emotions demanded us to give up hope from this tragedy, but we couldn’t let them dictate how the rest of this journey would end. We took back control. Romans 8:18 Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory, He will reveal to us later. We learned through this journey that we could rely on our faith each day, one day at a time, living beyond the lies we tell ourselves, and that we could find strength and hope and get through each day as it came, as long as we were willing to make the right choices over and above our feelings, God is always faithful to give us the strength we need. If you feel alone in the midst of a storm you’re facing, looking to be inspired and hopeful through one’s tragedy, even in Grief, this book is for you.

Author : Judith Sherwood

Family is everything to me. I have a Son and a Daughter who have blessed me with four grandchildren I adore! Everyday, I motivate and encourage others with quotes, scriptures, and sharing my experiences. Life hasn't been easy for our family, and my mom becoming paralyzed is nothing short of another lemon life dished out. But I have always been known as the person that would make lemonade out of lemons. I was inspired to write this book because our whole journey was accompanied by friends, family, church, and a community of people who have been with us from the beginning with encouragement, prayers, meals, gifts, you name it! With what we have been through, I felt that our experience would be the best teacher to help others face their own storms. This is the whole inside story and how we got our strength to get through it.

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