To the Top of the World and Back

To the Top of the World and Back

Subtitle : Point Barrow, Alaska: the top of the world
Author : June Robbinette
ISBN No. : 9781888125436


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Book : To the Top of the World and Back

ISBN Number : 9781888125436
Book Name : To the Top of the World and Back (Point Barrow, Alaska: the top of the world)
Book Pages : 32
Book Size : 5.5 X 8.5
Book Weight : 0.2

June Robinette was born in a homesteader’s shack in Terrebone, Oregon on June 30th, 1917. When she was about eighteen months old, the family moved to a small farm in Whatcom County, Bellingham, Washington. There she and her two sisters grew up and graduated from high school. This is her story of moving to Alaska during the early days and traveling to Point Barrow, Alaska — the top of the world.

Author : June Robbinette

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