Wally The Lost Baby Walrus

Wally The Lost Baby Walrus

Subtitle : The lost baby walrus
Author : Chris Kiana SR
ISBN No. : 9781888125597


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Book : Wally The Lost Baby Walrus

ISBN Number : 9781888125597
Book Name : Wally The Lost Baby Walrus (The lost baby walrus)
Book Pages : 32
Book Size : 8.50 x 11
Book Weight : 0.34

This children’s story is a true version of a baby walrus being adopted by a small coastal community in Alaska. Named Wally for the story, the baby walrus ventures into a coastal community and quickly wins the hearts of Eskimos living there. Wally survives on food brought to him, and eventually returns to the ocean waters learning how to eat food provided to him by nature. The baby walrus lives in the best of both worlds for over a year, thriving on everyday adventures in the community and starting to feel the ocean becoming more luring as he gets older. Finally, Wally the lost baby walrus, spots a herd of walrus swimming nearby and must make up his mind what to do. Does the baby walrus choose to join the walrus herd, or does he stay in the coastal community where he has found a good home?

Author : Chris Kiana SR

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