Welcome to 1960s Dutch Harbor, Alaska
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Welcome to 1960s Dutch Harbor, Alaska

Author : Joan Dodd
ISBN No. : 9781594337024



Book : Welcome to 1960s Dutch Harbor, Alaska

ISBN Number : 9781594337024
Book Name : Welcome to 1960s Dutch Harbor, Alaska

A TEMPORY JOB assignment takes a young family to a semi-remote island inhabited by only one other family where they discover a very different lifestyle. They endure serious medical emergencies, harrowing plane and boat adventures and meet special visitors. They experience joy, heartbreaking sadness, and form enduring friendships. Certain amazing coincidences will change their lives forever. “ The plane continued to spiral downward when the young stewardess, strapped into her seat with her hands grasping the armrests, loudly announced, “We will now attempt a landing on Dutch Harbor.” That descriptive word was not lost on me…we would either be landing or we would not. At the time I felt only terror…the plane experienced some sort of new turbulence that produced a violent jolt, and the small craft plunged downward. Just as quickly it shot upward…through the open cockpit door, I saw with alarm that the pilots bounced so hard that they actually cleared their seats…the tough pilots made a second attempt and this time they succeeded…Welcome to 1960’s Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

Author : Joan Dodd

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