When Raven Dances

When Raven Dances

Subtitle : WWII Invades Young Lives In Seward, Alaska
Author : Polly Bigelow
ISBN No. : 9781594334146


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Book : When Raven Dances

ISBN Number : 9781594334146
Book Name : When Raven Dances (WWII Invades Young Lives In Seward, Alaska)
Book Pages : 320
Book Size : 6 X 9
Book Weight : 1.2

When Raven Dances tells the story of a girl growing up in in Seward, Alaska after World War II. It is also a study in mythology, reminding us that dangers lurk in the midst of happiness. Ms. Bigelow has obviously done a lot of research into the history of Seward, Alaska, a port often overlooked by tourists as they board or disembark their luxury ocean liners. She is able to weave in the language and folklore of Native Americans and other early immigrants from Alaska to New Mexico. Her descriptive writing style reminds one of Elizabeth Peters, author of the popular Amelia Peabody series. Many details bring the 1940s vividly to life. Most of us today are unaware of what sacrifices U.S. citizens had to make for the war effort. There are many suspenseful events in this novel that keep us turning the pages. Readers will be hoping for a sequel to learn what else happens to our gutsy heroine and her compatriots. Patricia Cleavenger, teacher of English literature and Columbia Basin College librarian War disrupts a young child’s life when her father is killed in action. As a result, her mother decides to leave the comforts of New Mexico to seek a new life for them in far north Alaska. This story chronicles the ups and downs, adventures and misadventures in her life as she and her mother struggle to establish themselves in their new world. This is a ?feel good? book worth your time. Read it. You will be glad you did. William R. Brooksher, Brigadier General USAF, military historian and author of Glory at a Gallop: Tales of the Confederate Cavalry

Author : Polly Bigelow

A rat scurried about in her manicured childhood garden and her small son went to school in a dark van accompanied by a soldier carrying a machine gun. Is it any wonder that she views reality through her own eclectic prism of irony and magical realism? Polly Bigelow lived in war-torn Italy and graduated from high school in Yokohama, Japan. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania (BA English literature) and lived in Europe, Central, and South America. She is fascinated by pre-columbian cultures and adores climbing about in dark, ancient pyramids. A Maya shaman once invited her to accompany him as he officiated. She loves speaking Spanish and listening to classical guitar music. She admires works of South American women authors, including Allende and Agosin. A language tutor and elementary school teacher, Polly's favorite job is stage manager. She lives in Eastern Washington, and her idea of a perfect meal would include a pile of steamed Alaska king crab legs.

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