What Are Your PR Lessons from the Birth of a Royal Baby

What Are Your PR Lessons from the Birth of a Royal Baby

What Are Your PR Lessons from the Birth of a Royal Baby

Posted on 02/15/2023 Evan Swensen
What Are Your PR Lessons from the Birth of a Royal Baby

When a member of royalty has a baby, everyone hears about it.

Sometimes it’s a worldwide media frenzy. And that’s the point of this blog.

There are lessons to be learned from a royal baby’s birth. And a question to guide us to those answers.

Q. When did the world begin to be interested in the infant?
A. Long before birth.

Curiosity and speculation—buzz. Many people are interested in a celebrity’s new baby, even though some think it’s frivolous. But getting back to the point. The buzz begins almost at the time of conception—often, like with royalty, even before that. A member of a royal family starts dating, and speculation begins.

So, when is the best time to create buzz about your book?

The answer is: Even before it’s born.

Social media helps authors share their writing journey with their fans; we encourage this.

So, your answer as an author is to promote your book by informing your public long before the day you first hold a bound copy in your hands.

You could post the following on your social media:

1. “I’m thinking of writing a book.”

2. “I’m thinking of writing a book about [topic]. What do you think about this?”
[Encourage your fans to respond with their ideas. People like being involved with their authors and what they write.]

3. “Thanks for all the great responses and ideas. Each of you who’ve emailed me about this new book I’m writing will get a special advance purchase discount!”

4. “Today, I worked on the new book’s outline while sitting on a big rock beside the river. Here are some pictures of the river.”

You get the idea. Make your readers part of the process and generate buzz about your book long before it’s born. You don’t even have to be a member of British Royalty to do it.

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