What Should I Expect at My Book Signings?

What Should I Expect at My Book Signings?

What Should I Expect at My Book Signings?

Posted on 04/15/2013 Evan Swensen
What Should I Expect at My Book Signings?

What Should I Expect at My Book Signings? A Report From the Field.

You will expect to see the usual disclaimer here: Your Results May Vary, so we’ll get it out of the way.

Here’s the report from one of our authors, Jim Misko, who lives out the Alaska winters in Palm Springs, California, and returns to the Great Land in the spring. He’s one of those multitalented authors, and has published non-fiction as well as several fiction works.

Here’s Jim telling us like it was for him recently.

Had a fantastic day at Palm Desert Costco. Sold all 40 books in 6.5 hours. That is one every 9.74 minutes. Not quite as good as John P. Hagen, who sells one every 5 minutes at golf tournaments, but his is a specialized book and his affection ado’s come through the gate at 165,000 per tournament.

Total statistics: Sold 40 books, 10 For What He Could Become, 10 The Most Expensive Mistress in Jefferson County, and 20 The Cut of Pride.

I had 3 doubles; 4 triples and six e-book requests. I interacted with 42 people so the doubles and triples boosted my averages. I got 40 names and email addresses to add to my buyers list. Every buyer today gave me freely their name and email. Good.

I did not take any pictures because I forgot to do that. Hmmm.

Thanks for making this opportunity available to me and others.

Notice what Jim said about doubles and triples. This means that he sold 3 readers two books at once, and sold all three of his fiction works to 4 readers he talked with.

He is also asking for names and emails, so he can let folks know when and where he’ll be in the future, as well as letting them know about his next books. He said these were given “freely,” so that reassures us that generally people who like your books will be happy to give you their contact information. You probably won’t have to twist their arm or make threats, either. Just ask.

Notice also that he “forgot to take pictures.” There will always be some way to improve your book events, and we hope that you will think about the ways you can do so. We will be blogging and emailing information and ideas to help. But you are the one who will decide what to do, or not, for your events, and you will therefore guide the results of what you can expect at your book signings.

Each author and each book is different. Also, every location and date of a book signing or event is never the same as any other. These are just the laws of God, Murphy, and physics. Which is to your benefit, as one bad day at a particular bookstore doesn’t automatically mean your next event there is foredoomed to come out as poorly.

For one thing, you will be just that much further along, and will have gained in experience, and will learn, over a period of time, what you can expect at your book signings.

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