A “Sweet Little Book” Wins a Place on Battle of the Books!

A “Sweet Little Book” Wins a Place on Battle of the Books!

A “Sweet Little Book” Wins a Place on Battle of the Books!

Posted on 04/12/2013 Evan Swensen

Here at Publication Consultants we’ve realized we need to get some label or sticker for all of our books that are being selected for the Battle of the Books. Our authors sure have made us proud. We can only lay this to all their dreams that they have followed up with their hard work.

We just found out that Colony Kids: Adventures of the First Year in Alaska, by Heather Cooper Lehe is the most recent Battle of the Books pick from our titles.

One reviewer, Rebecca Goodrich, calls Colony Kids “a sweet little book.” She says:

“Heather Lehe gives life to the people, time, and place, and sweeps the reader into the historical world of the 1935 migration of brave people to the Matanuska Valley of the Alaska Territory.

In language and description entirely appropriate to the younger reader, Lehe’s central character, young Paul, takes us by the hand and pulls us unerringly into the fears and faith of families who leave everything they know behind, to farm in Alaska.

Lehe never falters in showing the true dangers of this. Babies die from measles, little boys end up with burned feet, families are torn apart when some wives return to the Lower Forty Eight, unable to bear the weather and privation.

Within 160 pages, barely more than one year in the story of the colony, Colony Kids packs as much punch as the entire Little House on the Prairie series.

Alaska plays its part in the story, too, and always delivers more than expected. Though written for those of elementary school age, any adult with an interest in Alaska, its people, and its history will be both thrilled and informed by this read. One of the best books I’ve read this year.

Lehe came to Alaska in 1978, after graduating from nursing school.  She worked as a nurse in Anchorage, Bethel, Nome, and the Matanuska Valley, raised her family, and still celebrates Colony Days every year in Palmer, Alaska.”

We encourage you to enjoy this addition to the Battle of the Books.

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