7 Steps to Attain Perfection

7 Steps to Attain Perfection

Subtitle : One seeking to know Jesus Christ in truth and in Spirit
Author : john Molokwu
ISBN No. : 9781594337772



Book : 7 Steps to Attain Perfection

ISBN Number : 9781594337772
Book Name : 7 Steps to Attain Perfection (One seeking to know Jesus Christ in truth and in Spirit)

7 Steps To Attain Perfection, an embodiment of rudimentary guiding principles capturing the essence of being Born Again, was conceived out of a nurtured desire spanning 11 years of tuning and fine-tuning its contents to equip a believer with necessary steps taking them on a purposeful journey through life’s unpredictable experiences. It begins the moment someone takes the decisive step to accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour to fulfilling their calling in God’s vineyard. 7 Steps To Attain Perfection is equipped with biblical citations, anecdotes, and metaphorical connotations meant to expose your thoughts to new possibility of attaining perfection in Christ Jesus. It relates to every believer’s struggle for acceptance and respect in a world of perverseness, deceitfulness, slothfulness, and actus reus. 7 Steps To Attain Perfection remains a great privilege for me having been inspired to tap from the wealth of wisdom, knowledge and understanding endowed by the Holy Spirit flowing through the ‘Still Small Voice’ as I listened in the Spirit and penned down the Words as the Spirit gave me inspiration. Anyone applying the teachings in this book will transform their life through becoming changed for the better according to John 15:1-5.

Author : john Molokwu

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