Caged Eagles

Caged Eagles

Subtitle : The Last Rebellion
Author : Kayla Hunt
ISBN No. : 9781594331640


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Book : Caged Eagles

ISBN Number : 9781594331640
Book Name : Caged Eagles (The Last Rebellion)
Book Pages : 288
Book Size : 6X9
Book Weight : 0.76

Fifty years ago a daring maneuver was made by a group of Americans. What did they do? They marched against their own country. Each and every one were silenced and only remembered as traitors. The torch for change has been picked up again in Caged Eagles: The Last Rebellion, and this time the party won’t rest until their voices have finally been heard. They are watching. United States agents detained the rebel leader, Blaine Martin, but not his followers. Hidden away in remote Alaska his two collaborators wait. The perfect moment will come for them to rally the supporters. Trevor Wells has no idea he is the link between silence and the last rebellion.

Author : Kayla Hunt

Kayla Hunt started writing at age eleven. She attended Montana State University where she received a Major in Music and minor in writing. Kayla lives in Alaska where she teaches private music lessons and writes.

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