Cow Woman of Akutan

Cow Woman of Akutan

Subtitle : An Extraordinary, Compelling Story of a Unique Alaska Adventure
Author : Joan Dodd
ISBN No. : 9781594334795


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Book : Cow Woman of Akutan

ISBN Number : 9781594334795
Book Name : Cow Woman of Akutan (An Extraordinary, Compelling Story of a Unique Alaska Adventure)
Book Pages : 192
Book Size : 6 X 9
Book Weight : 0.56

As I made my way to the hold, I saw Charlie and Hans lashing the deck cargo down tighter while they, too, struggled against the violent rising and plunging of the boat. Suddenly, despite their efforts, some of the bales of hay and bags of feed slid over the side into the dark churning waters of the Pacific. Crashing waves and roaring wind were so loud I didn’t hear them hit the black undulating water; they were just swallowed up. On reaching the hold, I heard cows above the din of the raging storm as they were bellowing in their fear and misery. Cow Woman of Akutan is an incredible account of a family and their partner as they encountered multiple disasters in their attempt to raise livestock on an isolated Aleutian island inhabited by a small group of Alaska Aleuts. Cow Woman of Akutan is a story of survival coupled with multiple events as Akutan villagers often come to the rancher’s aid.

Author : Joan Dodd

Joan Brown Dodd, born in Kansas City, Missouri, came to Alaska just prior to statehood to teach English in Seward High School along with her husband, Charlie Brown (now deceased). They moved to Dutch Harbor in '61 and, lured by the charm of the Aleutians, eventually ended up on the semi-isolated island of Akutan. Joan resides in Homer with her husband, Doug, who encouraged her to tell her Akutan story. An accomplished artist, she takes time to do oil painting and place them in local galleries. With some of her children, grandchildren and one great-grandchild living in Homer, she is able to visit them frequently. When not writing, painting, or visiting family Joan spends time gardening and reading for relaxation. At more than age 80, Joan is sometimes asked when she will retire, to which she likes to respond, ?That's what I do at night.?

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