Director of the Tours

Director of the Tours

Subtitle : Misadventures of a Tour Director in Alaska
Author : Fred Colvin
ISBN No. : 9781594331985


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Book : Director of the Tours

ISBN Number : 9781594331985
Book Name : Director of the Tours (Misadventures of a Tour Director in Alaska)
Book Pages : 188
Book Size : 5.5 X 8.5
Book Weight : 0.6

The State of Alaska is endlessly in the national news–whether the news be political, adventurous, or simply a report on odd occurrences (of which our state seems to have an abundance). Director of the Tours is an attempt by the author to report on both humorous and touching stories relating to the more than one million visitors whom choose to visit Alaska aboard cruise ships each summer. Thirty-five stories concern the author’s interactions in unique situations during his ten years of leading guests on mostly five and six day land tours. These tours stretch from Seward, in South Central Alaska to the Alaska interior city of Fairbanks. Another 11 stories relate to events occurring in winter, when we tour directors are encouraged to jump on board any cruise ship (space available), anywhere in the world?and get a feel for what our guests get to experience on these luxury liners. The author hopes you will enjoy these stories.

Author : Fred Colvin

Fred Colvin came to Alaska with his young wife, Cecilia, in 1976. They first taught in a kindergarten through eighth grade school in the remote Yupik Eskimo village of Lower Kalskag, located along the banks of the Kuskokwim River in Southwest Alaska. What began as a year long adventure, with the intent of returning to their normal lives in Illinois, stretched into a life where they spent seven years teaching in both Indian and Eskimo villages, two years in the historic gold mining town of Skagway, and the final 18 years on the Kenai Peninsula--where they raised three children. Upon retiring from teaching, the opportunity presented itself to join with the cruise line business and become tour directors. Fred and Cecilia have built a love and respect for all that is Alaska and hopes these stories will transfer some of that passion to you, the readers of Director of the Tours.

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