Essence of Falling in Love
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Essence of Falling in Love

Author : Obakeng Masetlha
ISBN No. : 9781594338120



Book : Essence of Falling in Love

ISBN Number : 9781594338120
Book Name : Essence of Falling in Love

Essence of Falling in Love is a story about a young lady who, at the age of 16, had a passion for love and was certain that her first love would be the most exciting and long lasting. Kutloisiso Mahlangu and Mphoentle Mahola, whose story is being told, experience their first love and how they managed to come to an understanding of love and that being in a relationship has nothing to do with being accepted by the group they hang out with. Love is more about personal gain seeing us partnering or ‘falling in love’ or become attached to a certain person so that people can see who we are and what we are capable of. Kutloisiso and Mphoentle discover that being attached to your partner doesn’t necessarily mean that the person will love you forever. And that no one should ever allow themselves to be abused in the name of love.

Author : Obakeng Masetlha

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