Flash Point

Flash Point

Subtitle : The Remarkable Heritage of Alaskan Elizabeth Martin
Author : Misty Lisenby
ISBN No. : 9781594330407


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Book : Flash Point

ISBN Number : 9781594330407
Book Name : Flash Point (The Remarkable Heritage of Alaskan Elizabeth Martin)
Book Pages : 256
Book Size : 6 X 9
Book Weight : 0.9

Faced with unimaginable tragedies, Elizabeth Martin uses all her strength and courage to overcome these unfortunate events. Flash Point begins with her grandparents, Millie and Joe Martin, two young, energetic adults with traditional family values, as they begin life together and establish their family. Joe and Millie’s son, Jacob, survives Vietnam, meets the woman of his dreams, and moves to Alaska with two daughters, Mina and Elizabeth. It is those strong, traditional values, instilled within her family, which allows Elizabeth to prevail and develop her own hidden spirit. Discovering her hidden spirit brought Elizabeth to a strange and awkward position, face to face with the law.

Author : Misty Lisenby

MistyRenee Lisenby, born in Gainesville, Florida, moved to Alaska at the age of 12. Inspired to write by her English teacher, Larry Kaniut, she began writing poetry and short stories. Misty had several poems published before graduation. Mr. Kaniut continued to inspire Misty after high school and she completed her first major manuscript in 2003. Events in Misty's life have given her the opportunity and joy of sharing Flash Point. Misty resides in Anchorage, Alaska with her family.

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