Grandpa’s Airplane

Grandpa’s Airplane

Subtitle : An Alaska Grandpa Bush Pilot Story
Author : Kirk Thomas
ISBN No. : 9781594330797


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Book : Grandpa’s Airplane

ISBN Number : 9781594330797
Book Name : Grandpa’s Airplane (An Alaska Grandpa Bush Pilot Story)
Book Pages : 36
Book Size : 8.5X11
Book Weight : 0.96

Whenever Kirk would fly DeHavilland Otter N6868B his adult children would say to their kids, There goes Grandpa,” as he would fly by. It wasn’t long before the kids would hear an airplane and immediately look to see if it was “Grandpa’s Plane.” The story came about as Kirk heard accounts of his grandchildren getting excited as his airplane would fly overhead and hearing the grandkids say, “We saw you fly by today Grandpa.” Constant requests for rides from the grandkids cemented the storyline.”

Author : Kirk Thomas

Kirk Thomas left his small Idaho farm to visit Alaska. One day was all it took for him to decide to trade his tractor for a floatplane. After marrying high school sweetheart, Pamela Kendall, the two moved to Ketchikan. They purchased Tyee Airlines and operated a large fleet of Beavers and Otters until the company was sold. Kirk has owned and leased airplanes ever since. In 2005 he purchased and rebuilt a DeHavilland Otter and took up full-time flying again. Kirk currently owns and operates three fishing lodges with his wife and four adult children.

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