Meeting With The Well Known

Meeting With The Well Known

Subtitle : If you travelled back in time, could you change history? Would you? An Alaskan's supernatural journey.
Author : Carey Cossaboom
ISBN No. : 9781594334917


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Book : Meeting With The Well Known

ISBN Number : 9781594334917
Book Name : Meeting With The Well Known (If you travelled back in time, could you change history? Would you? An Alaskan's supernatural journey.)
Book Pages : 288
Book Size : 6X9
Book Weight : 1

I died in 1990, in an automobile accident on Alaska’s Seward Highway.. Soon thereafter, I found myself sitting on the ground outside my home in south Anchorage. Only my home wasn’t there. Actually, the whole subdivision was missing. Because I soon learned that it wasn’t 1990 anymore; it was 1963. But how could that be? In 1963, I was a 9-year old boy living in upstate New York. How did I get here, and why? Could I get back the life I knew? I wanted my wife back! Meeting With The Well Known details my journey back to 1990 from 1963. The impossible circumstances, the delicate change of history, and the call of God to challenge the Church’s misconception of time. An adventure so incredible, I dare not declare it as true.

Author : Carey Cossaboom

Carey Cossaboom, a retired geologist living in Anchorage with his wife Peggy, has worked as a mineral exploration geologist for several large mining companies throughout Alaska. He was on the discovery team for the Red Dog Mine, and worked many years at Alaska's next hard rock gold mine?Donlin Creek. He finished his career managing environmental cleanups at former military sites in Alaska for the Army Corps of Engineers. He enjoys all sorts of outdoor activities to include skiing, snowmachineing, catarafting, and mountain biking. Indoors, as a practicing Christian, he enjoys heady theological discussion. Carey and Peggy have two children, Jared and Kayla, going to college out of state.

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