A Mother’s Tears for a Missing Son

A Mother’s Tears for a Missing Son

Subtitle : A Challenging Spiritual Experience
Author : Dolly Hills
ISBN No. : 9781594337451



Book : A Mother’s Tears for a Missing Son

ISBN Number : 9781594337451
Book Name : A Mother’s Tears for a Missing Son (A Challenging Spiritual Experience)

A Mother’s Tears for a Missing Son is a first hand account of my personal journey when my son mysteriously disappears in remote Alaska wilderness. It describes the adventures of a free spirited young man who lived on the edge of life and whose choices brought him and his family to an unforeseen outcome of bizarre twists and turns. The expansiveness of the environment offers a setting where the unexpected can happen at a moment’s notice. A Mother’s Tears for a Missing Son is a story of hope, faith, and trust, with a determination to never give up. I struggled to maintain endurance and courage, through an intense time of grief. As the story unravels, I realized the many opportunities for growth as I navigated my way through a devastating experience with resilience and came to understand the need to fully embrace and process the grief – while enduring personal tragedy. Ultimately, a sense of peace predominates.

Author : Dolly Hills

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