Real Future

Real Future

Subtitle : Alaskan Girl Comes Home
Author : Katrina Wilterding
ISBN No. : 9781637470534



Book : Real Future

ISBN Number : 9781637470534
Book Name : Real Future (Alaskan Girl Comes Home)
Book Pages : 208

We can shape our future. Every day we make decisions that set us on the path to something more significant than the day-to-day. Our destiny is what we make it. Real Future gives hope. It allows us to realize there is something to look forward to beyond this life. It gives readers a glimpse into something bigger than our daily existence. Take a moment to examine your future just as the characters in Real Future do, and in so doing, take the leap of faith to shape your destiny.

Author : Katrina Wilterding

Katrina Wilterding began writing while she was in high school in California. Reading and writing have been a considerable part of her life since she was young, reading every chance she could and writing short stories. She grew up in the high desert of California and often visited Tehachapi, where her cousins lived. When she went into high school, she felt that it was just another four years of her life meant to prepare her for college and life after. However, as she watched friends, classmates, and events that happened, it felt like so much more. Real Future is the end of a trilogy of books showing the drastic changes occurring during high school. Katrina graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelors in Liberal Arts and from UAA with an elementary teaching certification. She currently lives in Anchorage, Alaska with her family.

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