Report of an Expedition

Report of an Expedition

Subtitle : Report of an Expedition to Copper, Tanana, and Koyukuk Rivers In The Territory of Alaska
Author : Dwaine Schuldt
ISBN No. : 9781594331091


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Book : Report of an Expedition

ISBN Number : 9781594331091
Book Name : Report of an Expedition (Report of an Expedition to Copper, Tanana, and Koyukuk Rivers In The Territory of Alaska)

In the true story reflected in Lt. Allen’s journal, you will learn of the generosity of Alaskan Natives. Lt. Allen’s party would not have survived without adapting to the customs of the Alaskans and following their trails. They also would have starved without the food from the Alaskan people. This was the longest exploration of unknown land at this time in the world. Many quests had tried to go inland, but had not returned. This was mainly due to their ill treatment of the Natives. Lt. Allen traveled in a small party and welcomed the help of the Alaskans. He writes here in his journal from a traveler’s perspective, not from the traditional military aspect. They traveled through the heart of this great land called Alyeska. The three great rivers they traveled had been explored very little by miners or trappers. This was a land largely unexplored by white people, but where Natives had already lived for more than 10,000 years. Lt. Allen’s journal is published here from the original journal published in 1887 to share with you who love to read of history and learn about Alaska. Enjoy the view of Alaska in the 1800s from Lt. Allen’s journal descriptions of the land and the people.

Author : Dwaine Schuldt

Dwaine Schuldt is an explorer by heart! He has traveled to a lot of unpopulated, and populated places, searching for the best in nature; even trails along the creeks in Anchorage. You can find a little piece of nature everywhere." Duaine has lived in Alaska for some time, but not long enough! He grew up on a farm with sisters and brother working hard on chores, but given the freedom to climb trees, chase ducks on the pond, go swimming, and fishing--all things that as a kid really teach you to be an explorer. Duaine has taught outdoor education and has lead expeditions in Antarctica and Greenland. His next adventure will be a trip to Dawson City, then north to Inuvik on the McKenzie River in the Canadian Arctic. People ask, "what is up there??

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