Trust Me

Trust Me

Subtitle : A Blueprint for Revolution
Author : David Gleason
ISBN No. : 9781594331244


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Book : Trust Me

ISBN Number : 9781594331244
Book Name : Trust Me (A Blueprint for Revolution)
Book Pages : 192
Book Size : 6X9
Book Weight : 0.72

Inspired by the inevitable Red state versus Blue state revolution in America, the heads of the new Russian controlled oil cartel, with China’s urging and blessing, approach the only American business man they truly trust. The Oil Producing Economic Alliance (OPEA), through Ryan Carlson, presents a too-good-to-be-true offer to the emerging Red State American republic.Continuing on from where his last book The Fraternity: Alaskan and Russian Roulette left off, C. David adroitly inserts the heroes into an unsettling story predicting our near future. Combining his knowledge of the American and Russian oil patch with the street savvy of his military intelligence cohort, Stan Williams, Ryan once again convinces Stan to join forces with his must trusted Russian friend, ex-KGB Colonel Alexander Romanoff. Their goal is to strike a deal with the OPEA to help stem the rapidly declining American influence in world politics and economics, restoring America’s status of the twentieth century, based on equal partnership with China and Russia. It is clear that Gleason has enough familiarity with the Russian political scene to bring authenticity to his novels. His knowledge of the works of our original founding fathers and the original intent of the United Nations charter re-establish this authentic connection in Trust Me: A Blueprint for Revolution. It is another highly entertaining read!

Author : David Gleason

A long term dual roll of Communications expert and dedicated student of history has given C. David Gleason the opportunity to study and observe first hand, not only the rapidly changing history of his beloved America, but also a unique insight that allows him to compare the striking similarities between turn of the last century Russia and turn of this century America. Upon retiring from the communications field in 2001, Gleason began to intensify his historical research and dedicate himself to writing. The result has been two biographies, Why Russia: A Nostalgic Old World Adventure and Why Alaska: Life on the Last Frontier, co-authored with his long time wife, DeAnn. His latest books have been novels. The Fraternity: Alaskan and Russian Roulette, a mystery who-done-it and Trust Me: A Blueprint for Revolution, an unsettling prediction of the emerging world of today, realistically entwine fast paced, high tech crime fiction with some of the past and present history of Alaska, America, and Russia.

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