Mariposa Loves Music

Mariposa Loves Music

Subtitle : Mariposa Ama La M?sica
Author : Rachel Bomalaski
ISBN No. : 9781594336348


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Book : Mariposa Loves Music

ISBN Number : 9781594336348
Book Name : Mariposa Loves Music (Mariposa Ama La M?sica)
Book Pages : 32
Book Size : 10X8
Book Weight : 0.25

Join Mariposa on a bilingual journey, as she discovers the joy of creativity! Mariposa is a young girl who loves music. She loves music so much, she wants to make up a song of her very own! She learns a new word, ?composer,? from her guitar teacher. She decides on the spot that she wants to be a composer, someone who writes their own music! Mariposa follows her heart and sings her own song, in which she expresses her love of music in a way that will have you singing like ?the wind through the chimes, bright and clear.? Let Mariposa’s imaginative adventure inspire you, in both English and Spanish!

Author : Rachel Bomalaski

Rachel Bomalaski grew up in San Antonio, Texas, and has been a composer since the age of 13. She treasures the books she shares with her daughter, Mariposa, and so decided to share her love of music through the medium of books, with Mariposa as the star. Rachel is currently living in Portland, Oregon, attending graduate school for music, and hopes some day to be a music theory teacher. In addition to teaching in the classroom setting, Rachel hopes to continue composing music that defies the boundaries of traditional genres, and brings people together by appealing to a wide audience. She believes that music is more than mere entertainment, but a force for social change and a vehicle for world peace. Lizeth Ni?o grew up in Piedras Negras, Mexico, where she attended Montessori school, ate vegetarian, and became interested in art at a young age. Lizeth enjoys speaking and thinking in pictures, paradoxes, and codes, which are reflected in her work. Because of her graphic design and fine art background she has a strong sensibility, not just for color and design, but also for the content of her work. Lizeth relies on symbolism, whimsical play from stream of conscious and a sweet candy palate to create memorable illustrations that stand out. She is currently stationed in Portland, Oregon and her art graces many galleries, homes and candy stores across a wide swath of the U.S. and Mexico.

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