The Long Sleeve

The Long Sleeve

Subtitle : An Eerie Tale of the Far North
Author : Kevin Crowley
ISBN No. : 9781594331602


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Book : The Long Sleeve

ISBN Number : 9781594331602
Book Name : The Long Sleeve (An Eerie Tale of the Far North)
Book Pages : 48
Book Size : 8 X 10
Book Weight : 0.36

Deep in the past, In a far north land. What awful things passed At hunger’s demand? Fear, starvation, vengeance.Are the darkest of human emotions enough to turn a kindly
grandmother into a monster? ?As the echoes of vile actions return to haunt our souls, can one village’s shaman end the nightmare? Will the lessons taught by nature give him enough knowledge to complete the cycle of transformation and return peace to the tundra? Look within The Long Sleeve–and yourself–to find if knowledge and compassion can overcome the evils of hunger and revenge.

Author : Kevin Crowley

Born in Detroit in 1975, Kevin Crowley came to Alaska as a school teacher on the lower Yukon. ?Entirely self trained as an artist, his sketchbook has been a constant companion on his many travels throughout Alaska and around the world. When not in his studio working on paintings of Alaska's wildlife and illustrations for new books, Kevin can be found in the mountains and forests around Anchorage with his three young boys, observing and enjoying the boreal realm.

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