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Posted on 03/18/2013 Evan Swensen

Heather Johnson
Heather John, age 15 and author of a new book, Hidden Voice, received a fine review in the Frontiersman on March 14. Heather will have her release party Friday March 22. Heather’s website <>, is maturing and her book may be purchased directly from the site. The review, by Heather Resz, begins: “WASILLA — Where other teens struggle in silence to find their way through the tangle of pre-teen and teenage years, Heather Johnson, 15, found her voice and is offering to show her peers the way forward. Johnson will launch her book at a signing event from 2 to 5 p.m., March 22 at Piccolino’s Restaurant, 551 West Parks Highway, in Wasilla.”
If you’d like to see and read theFrontiersman’s release you can find it at <>.

Author Signing Request Form
Some authors have reported trouble scheduling signings using the Author Signing Request Form on our home page. If you are experiencing difficulty here’s how to solve the problem in almost every instance. If you’re using Internet Explorer, and unable to use the Author Signing Request Form, usually, simply updating Internet Explorer resolves all issues. Many authors are successfully using Chrome, a free download from Goggle. Fire Fox work fine as well as Apple’s Safari.

As you review the Scheduled Book Signings on our home page you’ll notice that the number of signings are increasing. Most authors use the Author Signing Request Form and find it a pleasant, satisfactory way to schedule signings. We think you will too.

Book Signing Report From Jim Misko
Had a fantastic day at Palm Desert Costco. Sold all 40 books in 6.5 hours. That is one every 9.74 minutes. Not quite as good as John P. Hagen, who sells one every 5 minutes at golf tournaments, but his is a specialized book and his affection ado’s come through the gate at 165,000 per tournament.

Total statistics: Sold 40 books, 10 For What He Could Become, 10 The Most Expensive Mistress in Jefferson County, and 20 The Cut of Pride

I had 3 doubles; 4 triples and six e-book requests. I interacted with 42 people so the doubles and triples boosted my averages. I got 40 names and email addresses to add to my buyers list. Every buyer today gave me freely their name and email. Good.

I did not take any pictures because I forgot to do that. Hmmm.

An interesting thing. A woman came by and said she had bought my book THE CUT OF PRIDE in Hawaii at a book signing at Costco in Kauilui and that I signed it for her. I have not been there for 20 years. She described the book and the plot, said it was new, and the author was signing it. I have her telephone # and we will contact each other to resolve this.

Thanks for making this opportunity available to me and others.

Book Signing Follow Up
We’re refining the book signing request procedures, scheduling and confirmation systems, and follow up. We appreciate your feedback and returning the after signing survey.

Once again, we enjoy publishing books and bringing them to market and grateful for the trust placed in us by authors.

Battle of the Books
Alaska’s Battle of the Books selection will be finalized this Friday in Valdez. Two of our authors have books on the working list: Heather Lehe’s, Colony Kids and Erin Rivard’s, Agattu the Caribou is being considered. Colony Kids was an alternate last year. We offer our congratulations to Heather and Erin and wish them well.

Social Media Marketing
We’ve arranged with Cherilynn Stone for 50% discount for Publication Consultants author for her Seven Step Social Media Marketing Workshop. The price offered to the public is $499. Our authors can participate for the reduced price of $199. To register for the workshop for the special price, call Cherilynn, (907) 250-7425 and let her know you’re coming by way of Publication Consultants. To receive the negotiated, reduced price, you will need to call Cherilynn and register by Friday, March 22. This is a wonderful opportunity to kick start your social media efforts.

Best Regards,

Evan Swensen

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