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Posted on 09/13/2013 Evan Swensen
Author Newsletter

We placed our Book Signings Are Fun video presentation on our website. Just click on Videos in the menu, make sure the sound is on, and enjoy seeing yourself and other authors at book signing. Or click the button below.

Click Here
We want to do more of these types of videos and will appreciate your suggestions for improvement.

Burt Bomhoff spent successful signing time at the Saturday Market, Ron Walden, frequents gun shows and enjoys selling and signing books at these events, Bonnye Matthews enjoyed her signing at Barnes and Nobel in Anchorage, Heather Johnson associated with the Channel 2 TV personalities at the Alaska State Fair, and Lois and I visited with Mary Ann Poll during her recent Fred Meyer signing. All are pictured here. To create your own signing fun, visit our website, click on Book Signings, and follow the links.

By working with Mary Ann Poll, and other authors, we developed a new Tips For Making A Book Signing Successful. We think it will be worth your time to review and apply the suggested signing tips given by experienced authors. We have attached a PDF copy of the suggestions to this email. Once again, if you have any suggestions that will help other authors, or will improve Tips For Making A Book Signing Successful better, kindly let us know.

release-partyRelease Party Video
We were invited by the Alaska Writers Guild last month to make a presentation about release parties. We were joined by six authors: Tom Myers, Mary Ann Poll, Bonnye Matthews, Jim Misko, Ollen Hunt, Bill Hauser, and Peggy McMahon. It was also nice to have Lois helping out to introduce Becoming a Published Author and Bringing Your Book to Market to the assembled writers. She also brought along AlaskaAlaska, a fun card game we invented. All are pictured here. The six authors set up a table, complete with their books and banner, as they would at a release party. Guild members asked many questions following the presentation and the authors shared their release party and becoming a published author experience and knowledge in answering the questions. We extend our warmest word of appreciation to the six authors who gave of their time and their expertise in assisting us.

We also introduced our new audio visual Release Party instruction video. The audio follows the release party printed presentation we’ve been using to assist new authors to better prepare for their release party. The printed presentation is a result of the good work and assistance of Kayla Hunt, who has consented to help authors with their release party. The printed presentation, along with the audio video is a powerful tool for new authors–as well as more experienced ones. We recommend that every author view the audio visual on our website. Here’s the direct link.

Click Here
The presentation promises to help authors with every book signing, not just release parties.

We thought you’d enjoy the four following emails from Randy Zarnke, author of the new book, Alaska Tracks.

On August 12, 2013, at 9:30 AM, Randall Zarnke, author of Alaska Tracks, wrote:
I might be getting ahead of myself, but I’m curious about the process for ordering more books. I’m getting nothing but positive reports from folks who have read the book. I’m hopeful that the momentum will increase following our signing event here in Fairbanks on September 6.

On August 26, 2013, at 3:41 PM, Randall Zarnke, author of Alaska Tracks, wrote:
Local interest for our book has been high here in Fairbanks and seems to be building. Do you have any feel at this early stage for the level of interest in our book among retailers around the State?

On September 5, 2013, at 4:35 PM, Randall Zarnke, author of Alaska Tracks, wrote:
You outlined a campaign and provided materials (posters, invitations, etc) to help make it happen. It’s working. We’ve gotten coverage by radio, TV and newspaper all week. People are calling, e-mailing and stopping me on the street to talk about the book. I have high hopes for a successful event tomorrow evening.

On September 6, 2013, at 10:23 PM, Randall Zarnke, author of Alaska Tracks, wrote:
Tonight’s event was overwhelming (in a positive way). Sold 225 books in three hours. I never stopped signing during that period. We definitely want to order another batch. The only question now is how many.

We’re including a photo of Randy’s release party and him signing books. Notice the line of people waiting for their turn to talk with the author and receive their signed copy.

Do we need to say more about following the pattern for release parties?

Atiska Ataska, Charlie’s In Alaska Book Review
Anne Canterbury and Glenda Field were the recipients of an outstanding review in the Frontiersmen of their book, Atiska Ataska, Charlie’s In Alaska. You can read the complimentary review by going to:

Click Here
When you have a book signing, release party, or other author event, kindly send us a photo. We enjoy seeing you and what you’re doing.

Keep in touch,

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