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Author Update

Author Update

Posted on 10/28/2015 Evan Swensen

Jim Misko Book Signing at Barnes and Noble

Jim Misko author of the Benjamin Franklin Award winning book, As All My Fathers Were, understands the purpose of a book signing and how to have a successful one. Jim reports: “Sold 18 books; got 18 names and email addresses; had a wonderful day full of meeting interesting people that confirmed once again that you cannot tell by appearances who will buy your books. If you ask every one, you will be astounded by who asks to buy your book—people you would have written off when they walked in the door. It is like Michael Jordan said; “You miss every shot you don’t take.” Same with book selling. If you don’t ask them to look at your books or ask them to buy, they’ll walk by you with a smile and never get to read the good stuff you wrote, FOR THEM. For whom else did you write it?”

Facebook Pages and Profiles

There is a marked difference between pages and profiles on Facebook. Much of the frustration we hear about Facebook is because the author doesn’t understand the difference.

Personal profiles are for non-commercial use and represent individual people. A personal profile shows how many friends the person has.

Pages look similar to personal profiles, but they offer unique tools for authors. Pages are managed by authors who have personal profiles. Pages show how many likes for the page.

Each author who signs up for Facebook has one account with login information. Each author account has only one personal profile but may have multiple Pages; however, we recommend that authors only have one Page. A Page lets author engage with people on Facebook and offers tools to help you manage and track engagement.

It’s against the Facebook Terms to use your personal account to represent something other than yourself (ex: your business). If you’re using your account to represent something other than yourself, you could permanently lose access to your account if you don’t convert it to a Page.

Facebook Pages enable authors to create an authentic and public presence on Facebook. Unlike your profile, Facebook Pages are visible to everyone on the internet by default. You, and every person on Facebook, can connect with these Pages by becoming a fan and then receive their updates in your News Feed and interact with them.

Hobbyist authors have personal profiles—serious authors have author pages. Simply put—profiles are for friends and family—pages are for business.

Authors can create their Facebook page quickly by following the instructions found at


ReadAlaska is the largest and most popular book event in Alaska. To schedule your time at ReadAlaska kindly go to our website, <>. Click on Book Signings, then Author Signing Request, follow the prompts, and Author Services will take it from there. ReadAlaska is just one month away and tables are limited. We are only able to display and sell books published during 2015 and those displayed when the author is present. This is a change from previous years. Another major change is that authors will not be a part of passing out brochures as other arrangements have been made for distribution. To kick start a potential customer’s interest in purchasing one of your books we are again offering a Book for a Buck promotion which has proven very successful in past years. ReadAlaska dates are November 27, 28, 29: Friday and Saturday 10 Am to 6 PM and Sunday Noon to 5 PM.


Cortex is for serious authors and will probably not be of interest to hobbyists. We recorded our Cortex training and information meeting. If you’re a serious author, and did not attend the meeting, and would like to review the training information, kindly let us know. Authors are required to have a Facebook author page to use Cortex.




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