Author Update

Author Update

Author Update

Posted on 02/13/2016 Evan Swensen

Costco Book Signings

We have approval from Costco for book signings in the three Alaska stores. If you’d like to do a book signing in Costco in the next six months kindly let us know. Your book will have to be pre approved by the Costco book buyer before you can schedule a signing. Once your book is approved we’ll let you know and you can schedule your signing. We’ll be sending the list for approval on Wednesday, February 17. If you’re interested in a Costco signing, kindly let us know by Wednesday.

eBook Cards

Here’s how eBook cards work. Authors purchase eBook cards at wholesale prices. The eBook card shows the regular eBook retail price. Authors can use the eBook card in a variety of ways to help them sell more books. For example, authors can simply sell the eBook card for the retail price, or any price they want, or use the eBook card as an incentive to readers to purchase eBooks. Authors can bundle eBooks and eBooks. The eBook card is perfect if an author is invited to make a presentation somewhere. Authors can tell the event promoters that they’ll do the event if they allow the author to sell books at the back of the room after the presentation, and if the promoter will purchase a given number of eBook cards to be used as door prizes to promote the event. And, eBook cards are a way to sell eBooks while an author is talking to anyone, anyplace, anytime. Authors can autograph the eBook card and it becomes a keepsake for the purchaser. Authors may be use the eBook card in any in manner they want; either to sell for full retail, sell at a discount, bundle it with a printed book, or any variety of ways to help establish then as an author and to promote their works. Perhaps the biggest benefit for selling eBooks, by using eBook cards, is that when the customer redeems their card they give us their contact information and we can market to them.
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