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Author Mastermind, Robin Barefield

Author Mastermind, Robin Barefield

By Evan Swensen| 11/02/2022
This publisher is honest, supportive, and helpful. He has published six books for me, and I hope he will publish my next several books. I highly recommend Publication Consultants....

Author Mastermind, Victoria Hardesty

By Evan Swensen| 10/28/2022
Publication Consultants has published seven of my books since 2017. I sent a manuscript to them and got back a beautiful book I’m proud of. I’ve also joined Author Masterminds, … 0 More

Author Mastermind, Mary Ann Poll

By Evan Swensen| 10/28/2022
Since 2010, I have had the privilege of partnering with Publication Consultants for all my publishing needs. Their dedication to ethics, professionalism, and genuine care for authors stands out in … 0 More

Marianne Schlegelmilch

By Evan Swensen| 11/04/2016
Evan has been kind, patient, and more than helpful in getting me through the process. He restored my confidence when I was flailing and provided direction where his voice of … 0 More

Author Mastermind, Carl Douglass

By Evan Swensen| 11/04/2016
Without Evan and the staff of Publication Consultants of Anchorage, My books would not have been published. I’m grateful for their incomparable professionalism....

Irene Petteice

By Evan Swensen| 11/04/2016
I used Publication Consultants on several of my books and have been particularly impressed with their interest in helping authors succeed. I have also been impressed by their honorable and … 0 More

Author Mastermind, Steve Levi

By Evan Swensen| 11/04/2016
A fantastic publisher! Even better, Publication Consultants assist in the marketing! Very few publishers do that. Publication Consultants is a 100% support business and is side-by-side with the author. I … 0 More

Patti Kilson

By Evan Swensen| 11/04/2016
We feel so fortunate that we hooked up with Publication Consultants instead of some other company that may or may not have treated us so well....

Dan Maclean

By Evan Swensen| 11/04/2016
I am glad to have my book published with Publication Consultants. I frequently recommend them to other would-be authors and they always ask me why. I summarize my feelings by … 0 More

Tom Willard

By Evan Swensen| 11/04/2016
Publication Consultants and Evan Swensen have the professionalism to quickly bring a book to market. They handle all the problems while keeping the author in the loop, helping with proofreading … 0 More

Rick Mystrom

By Evan Swensen| 11/04/2016
I have worked with Evan Swensen for more than ten years. It’s not strong enough to say that Evan was instrumental in the quality publication of my four books. It’s … 0 More

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