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Posted on 03/28/2013 Evan Swensen

Battle of the Books Selections

We extend our congratulations to Erin Rivard and Heather Lehe. Their books were selected for the 2013-2014 Battle of the Books.

agattu-coverErin’s book, Agattu: The Alaskan Caribou, was recently released. The back cover reads: Agattu is the biggest animal around, and proud of it!  Until Mr. Moose confronts him and Agattu’s worst fears come true—he’s no longer the tallest.  Agattu takes drastic measures to be taller than Mr. Moose, and ends up in the middle of a lake!  It isn’t until he see’s his reflection that he realizes he is special just the way he is.

colonykidscoverHeather’s book, Colony Kids, came on the market in time to be selected as an alternate battle book last year. The back cover reads: It’s 1935, during the Great Depression, and Paul’s family is out of work and out of money. They have nothing but a little ramshackle farm in Minnesota. Now that’s gone, too. Suddenly, an incredible opportunity opens up for 202 families, including Paul’s, but it means moving far away, to a land few people know anything about. Will his family go? Will Paul have to leave his friends, family, and beloved dog, Rascal? Then Paul meets tomboyish Maggie and adventurous Erik, also kids of new colonists, and together they face the unique realities of living in the far north. Based on true stories, follow the trials and adventures of Paul, Maggie, and Erik as their families start over in hopes of building a new life in a strange land so far away. Will they make it?

Mat/Su Young Writers Conference

This year’s Mat/Su Young Writers Conference is schedule for Saturday, April 27. Because of the popularity, enjoyable experience, and opportunity to sell books and help kids, we’ve already heard from some or our author who have asked to be included in this year’s faculty. Our authors have participated in this wonderful conference for almost 20 years. If you’d like to participate kindly let us know by return email.
The Rationale for the conference is to:
·      Promote district curriculum and the Alaska Writing State Standards goals related to composition using the six-writing traits and reading.
·      Provide instructors with a highly motivating and meaningful activity as a vehicle to encourage creative writing.
·      Promote opportunity to fulfill needs of student interest and gifted abilities in the area of composition.
·      Provide a shared, common experience for students, staff and parents; and an opportunity to see how different schools approach the activity.  This provides a forum for idea sharing for the teaching staff.
·      Provide modeling of the writing process and publishing process by known Alaskan Authors.
·      Increase community awareness and understanding of the school district efforts to develop writers.
We’ve attached more information about the conference to this note. Again, please let us know by return mail if you’d like to participate in this year’s conference.

Book Signings

There is not substitute for a face to face conversation with your readers and potential readers. Simply put, if you don’t plan on having book signings you’re planning on not selling books. As an author, you can not be a spectator in the marketing of your book. If you want to advance your writing career, you must become the parade. Book signings assist you to become the parade! It’s all about sharing your book with readers and potential readers. To schedule a signing for you and your book, go to our website,, click on Book Signings, select Author Signing Request, and follow the prompts. While you’re on the website you may want to select Scheduled Book Signings and see when and where authors have scheduled signings.
We remind you about Mary Ann Poll, our new Author Events Coordinator. Already we’re receiving positive comments from authors telling us how easy and good it is working with Mary Ann. Sign up for a book signing and you’ll experience Mary Ann’s professional hand holding all the way to the signing table in the store. Mary Ann also walks the talk. You can see her signing schedule on our website. And did we mention, Mary Ann’s third book is in the polishing process.

mama-coverNew Books

Peggy McMahon’s third book, Mama Will You Read To Me, went to the printer this week.  We’re excited for Peggy. It’s a thrill for us and an author to see the work finally come to an end and know that soon the book will be in the hand’s of readers.

We have more new books in the publishing process than we’re every had before at one time-a lot more! We look forward to these new titles coming to market and sharing the joy with the authors.

Best Regards,

Evan Swensen

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