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Posted on 08/12/2013 Evan Swensen

Book Signing Emergency Notice
Our wholesaler, the firm who delivers books for signings, let us know that their employee vacation schedule will impact book signings for a couple of weeks at the end of august. Any signings you would like to schedule through September 2nd needs to be requested no later than Tuesday, (tomorrow) August 13th. We encourage you to act quickly to schedule signings for the last two weeks in August. Beginning August 14, you will need to schedule signings to occur on or after September 12th. To summarize, if you’d like to schedule a signing to occur prior to September 12, kindly schedule it by the close of business tomorrow, August 13. This does not impact Barnes and Noble and Costco signings.

Fun With Your ISBN Number
You can have exciting fun with your book’s ISBN number by placing it in the address bar of your web browser. What we’re saying is do a Goggle search for your book’s ISBN number. Don’t put anything else in the space–just the ISBN number without any dashes; i.e., 9781888125801. We think you’ll enjoy the ride. We’d like to hear from you about what you found.

Hidden Voice Media Success
Heather Johnson, author of Hidden Voice, has, and is, enjoying a great deal of media play. We’re attaching a copy of her scheduled appearances and an example of her new news release.

Blog Number 77 How to Hold a Book Launch Party? [Guild meeting August 20, 2013]
Following is another blog created in my behalf by Rebecca Goodrich.

Come on down to Anchorage’s ZJ Loussac Library on August 20th, if you’re in the neighborhood. I was volunteered to do a talk on book launches for the monthly Alaska Writers Guild meeting. It’s open to the public, free of charge, so even if you’re not a writer, you can satisfy some curiosity about book launch parties. (Note: we still have space for two more authors who would like to join us at the guild meeting by setting up their book signing display and showcasing their book. No need to bring your table. Just your banner, table covering, and display items is all you need bring. Oh yes; books for course.)

I suppose they asked me because I’ve produced more than 100 of the dang things, and have learned something about what works, and what doesn’t. As for book signings, we’re doing more than 120 this month alone.

I’ll tell you how we evolved to the simple and effective program we’ve had in place for our authors for some time now. It’s easy. They tell us where they want to have an event, and when, and we set it up. [Well, it’s easy now, but there was a lot of unseen work and trust-building that went into developing the relationships we now have with Costco, Walgreen’s, Fred Meyer, and many other stores.]

Bookstores, too, by the way. Fireside Books in Palmer, Mosquito Books at the Ted Stevens Airport, and Barnes and Noble.

Not just in the Anchorage, Alaska area, either. Just because we’re the largest state in the Union doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten the other 49. Nor have our authors. They’re all over the place, having events and selling their books, and so are the book events we arrange.

If there’s a venue an author wants that we haven’t already set up a relationship with, we ask for just a little more lead time to set that up.

To demonstrate a good book-signing table at a launch party, several authors have agreed to come and set up in the first floor lobby of the library. They’ll have their tables, banners, business cards, and of course they will have their books.

So come a little early and meet some real live authors and take a look at their books for yourself. You’ll even be able to buy them and get them autographed.

Keep in touch,

Evan Swensen

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