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Author Newsletter

Author Newsletter

Posted on 08/16/2013 Evan Swensen

Awards and Contests
We’re in the process of establishing a place on our website to list author’s awards and contests. If your book has received an award or won a contest kindly let us know:

Author’s Name
Book Title
Name of the Award or Contest
Date of Award

We’d like to showcase recognition for your book including Battle of the Books. We’re also in the process of establishing ways to assist you to apply for awards and recognition.

Release Party
During our presentation at the Alaska Writers Guild general meeting on Tuesday, August 20 at the library we’ll introduce a new audio visual production outlining Publication Consultants’ release party suggestions for a successful beginning for new books. Following the guild presentation we’ll fine tune the production and have it available for new authors and for authors with new books. As part of the fine tuning we’ll be able to replace some of the visuals. If you have a good photo of your release party, and would like to have it included in our new production, kindly send it to us. We’d love to include it. We’ll need it by Wednesday, August 21.

Words From Steven Wright
David Brown, former president of Alaska Writers Guild, sent us interesting and entertaining words and definitions we thought you’d enjoy reading. We have attached the list to this note. Thanks David; it was fun.

Becoming a Published Author
At the conclusion of our guild presentation we’ll be autographing copies of the second edition of Becoming A Published Author. Everyone who attends the guild’s meeting, and our presentation, will receive a free autographed copy. If your story is part of Becoming a Published Author, you’re invited to join us and autograph your story.

Costco Book Signings
We’ve adjusted the hours for signings at Costco stores. Authors signing at Costco may now schedule signings for three hours instead of 10 AM to 6 PM. Of course the goal for any signing is to sell the most books possible–or sell out and go home early. Most authors signing books with the 10 AM to 6 PM Costco schedule sell out and go home early. Authors scheduling the shorter times will be allowed to stay longer if available inventory has not sold. Shorter hours and flexible times may make signings at Costco more available for authors.

Book Signing Note
Not only with Costco, but with almost all other signings, if all books have not sold during the scheduled signing times, if your personal schedule permits, we encourage you to stay longer if you’d like. Just ask store personnel. Most of the time the store is willing.

Barnes and Noble Signings
We’re enjoying many signings at Barnes and Noble and have a great many locations listed on our website under the tab, Book Signings. If you’d like to have a signing at Barnes and Noble, and you don’t see the desired location listed, just let us know and we’ll add it, and then you can request the signing. Our Author Event Coordinator, Mary Ann Poll, will take your request and schedule your signing if possible. Please note that the Anchorage Barnes and Noble is not accepting requests until April 2014. We’ve attached a photo of Jim Misko at a recent Barnes and Noble signing. Jim calls this a “triple.” The happy customer purchased all three of his books.

Keep in touch,

Evan Swensen

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