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Author Update

Author Update

Posted on 08/26/2014 Evan Swensen

Words of Wisdom

We’re seeking words of wisdom to use in our Social Media offerings so we can promote your books and you as an author. Following are three examples from three authors. If you’d like to contribute some of these bits we’ve be please to use them. They can be your original thought, something from your blog or SMM offering, or something a character from your book said. In our SMM offerings we’ll credit you and include an image of your book or of you.

A good writer is like a good mechanic in a sense. Faulty work causes poor performance. It’s like a movie with a good cast or lead character, but the script sucks. The potential for something good is there, but it isn’t brought forth. If someone doesn’t know good language, how can they fault someone else? Warren Troy, Alaska Wilderness Adventure Author,

I wouldn’t buy the services of someone who didn’t care to learn his craft, whatever that craft might be. I wouldn’t go to a mechanic for heart surgery, no matter how good the mechanic is. A writer should know the rules of grammar. If he or she breaks them, they should break them knowing what they do. For example, I use fragments all the time—in dialog. People speak in fragments frequently. I use contractions. People use contractions in speech. If a writer doesn’t know the rules, serious people will not take that writer seriously. Using the rules and having something to say can move mountains. Bonnye Matthews, Award Winning Writer of Prehistoric Fiction,

According to Kayla Hunt, author of CagedEagles, there are six qualities of good writing. One of the six qualities is to read. Read as many books as possible. Reading teaches different styles, ways to develop plots, and expands vocabulary. Authors that read often are better at their craft. Kayla Hunt,

Jim Misko
I had a book signing at Costco on Saturday. Sold out the 40 books. Had two doubles, two triples and one quadruple. The advantage of having more than one book on the table. Thought you’d enjoy seeing what one buyer said just two days later. Don’t you just love good readers? May it go well with you. Alaska Jim
From: Carol Odinzoff Date: Monday, August 4, 2014 8:32 PM To: Jim Misko

• Subject : For What He Could Become
• Message : Bought your book and conversed with you at Costco in Anchorage this week. Thought I would start the book before the next semester of (Grad) school starts. Big mistake! I started it and it was only when he started drinking I put it down. But picked it up again the next morning and finished it that night. Well written, thrilling, thoughtful and threaded with truth. Handles the alcohol issue with grace and empathy. Hooray for Bill. Thanks for tackling it. Carol Odinzoff

From Bonnye Matthews
For any of you who aren’t listed and are Alaska writers, you might want to check out <> to be listed. It’s not a time consuming process. Don’t know what the value is, but it’s gotta be better’n a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Bonnye Matthews: Award Winning Writer of Prehistoric Fiction

We’re still working with Readerlink, but the progress is slow. They just bit off more than they could chew and it’s taking them longer than anticipated to put their system in place in Alaska. We don’t see any real movement for at least one more month. We’ll keep you posted.

Keep in touch,

Evan Swensen

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